BEKIMACHINE – “Siren” [Electronica]

In my article about C Z A R I N A’s epic playlist, I noted that musician and Twitch streamer BEKIMACHINE is an artist I should have covered already.

So I was delighted to discover that their latest single “Siren” was due for release on April 10th. I’d still like to review BEKIMACHINE’s excellent Saga EP, but at least we have this introduction.

“Siren” is defined by its rich textures and intricate parts. It begins with beautiful resonant tones. Then a cool bass and gorgeous harmonies drift in, before the rhythm starts to build.

Then comes that chorus. BEKIMACHINE pulls off a neat trick: dropping us into something powerful, but not overbearing. It’s magical, haunting and dreamlike.

There’s a complex state of affairs being explored in the lyrics. They are someone who is filled with wonder and has “Got this power within”. But this is balanced against a yearning to be reborn or, more appropriately, reconfigured: “Pull apart my parts/I want to feel again/Machine in body/But human in mind”

“Siren” is a display of how electronic music can be both potent and graceful.

You can find BEKIMACHINE here:










Genre: Indie Electronic

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