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A Brief History of… Aggrotech

Hey everyone! Welcome to a new article format on Pastel Wasteland (and one I’ve meant to start a few times over the last year or so). Diving into obscure music genres and their humble beginnings, our first round takes a look at Aggrotech.

Now, I’m by no means an expert on this, and I totally welcome any input/ corrections or extra information to help readers to get a wider view of the content. So if you have anything to add, please write a comment or reach out to us on Instagram so I can update!


As explained by Altopedia, aggrotech is a “sub-genre of harsh electronic music that fuses elements of Electronic Body Music, Industrial, Noize, Trance and/or Techno styles.”

It sounds a little like this:

Definitely an acquired taste, but I have to say I’m kind of into it.


Aggrotech shares its namesake with a San Francisco club in the early 90’s, where the DJs played industrial noise. There were art installations and events at the club, that encouraged patrons to create their own abstract art and artwork. The club only lasted for about a year, put out a few magazines to promote and then closed down.

It’s worth noting, that as well as being obscure, there are many crossovers between Aggrotech, hellektro and industrial music (and many more), and there aren’t many remnants of the club nor the earlier artwork the club inspired. Many venues were populated by “goth” crowds, who shared a love for similar music and a subculture outside of the mainstream, and this is where the beginnings of the genre can be traced to.


There don’t seem to be any artists who class themselves as ‘aggrotech’ specifically, though the distorted vocals, aggressive tempo and danceable beat have obviously bled into different genres as time has gone by. In the 2010s, there were artists who still used the aggrotech label, but the genre never seemed to have reached the mainstream, it has remained an obscure sub-culture which resonates with fans of industrial music, and artists like Rammstein.


Take a look at some of these videos for examples of the genre! What do you think? Are you a fan or would you prefer to never hear of it again?


Let us know if there are any genres you’d like us to explore, and as mentioned in the intro, if you have more experience with the genre, please reach out and help us add more information into this article!

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